Saturday, August 14, 2010

What is a wool soaker?

A wool soaker is a diaper covering, usually a pull-on, made of wool.  The function of the Soaker is to do just as the name suggests and "soak up the wetness" from the diaper. Soakers are usually worn overnight.  Lanolizing the wool soaker is very important to prevent leaks. The lanolin provides a film-like protective layer that reduces the flow-through of moisture from the inside of the diaper to the outside. The lanolization process is necessary for the soaker to work properly. The soaker can be worn over a cloth diaper; fitted or pre-fold. The newest trend is to put them over sposies, or disposable diapers.

Everyone can enjoy the wool soaker. It not only protects against leaks, but is a cute alternative to shorts in the warmer weather.  Wool breathes; so it can worn in the summer! Also, Longies, or wool pants, can be worn over cloth diapers. Just make sure you lanolize them first! Longies can be worn year round, but I prefer them in the cooler months!

 Look for an upcoming post explaining Lanolin and Lanolizing your wool soakers!

Check out these wool soakers on etsy by Lollyflower!

Also, Follow our family's cloth diapering experience from our NYC Apartment. Yes, we are doing cloth diapering in our apt! (I know,… I need my head examined!)


  1. My granddaughter wore soakers! They are great...

  2. Yes, Sarah. I am so glad you agree. And...If nothing else, they make great shorts or pants.